Standing left to right:  Errol Resek – Sol Schiff – Dr. Andreas Gal – Gyula Apatini – Mel Eisner | Front Row  Zoltan Gode – Jules Apatini    These were the original members of the NY HUNGARIA TABLE TENNIS TEAM which as organized by Gyula Apatini and friend Dr. Andreas Gal.


Gyula Apatini’s Ping Pong  – Table Tennis Legacy

Gyula Apatini was also a professional Ping Pong/Table Tennis Player in Hungary prior to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. He was NO. 11 back then when Hungary was a dominant name in the sport with names like BARNA, SIDO, BELLAK, and more recently with names like JONYER, KLAMPAR and  GERGELY. When Gyula Apatini emigrated with his immediate family to the US in 1959 he was able to provide a very strong match to opponents like Sol Schiff, Marty Reisman, Dick Miles, and others.
His dream always was to popularize the Sport in the US to the level of popularity which it was in Hungary and other countries. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Gyula Apatini with his friend Dr. Andreas Gal created and formed the NY HUNGARIA TABLE TENNIS TEAM. The team on numerous occasions won the then popular MEL EISNER created NY Area Table Tennis League.  At different points in time names like Sol Schiff, Errol Resek Eric Boggan Scot Boggan Alireza Oveissi and some other top players in the US were all members of the NY Hungaria Team. There are many articles, pictures,  and videos in the archives on  NY Hungaria Table Tennis Team History. In 2011 Jules Apatini his son wrote Ping Pong Fitness Article – Blog from which a later Aerobic Ping Pong was conceptualized and born.

Gyula Apatini organized an incredible event at the World Trade Center with a crowd of over 1500 standing spectators. The event he named “Battle Of The Sexes” as adopted from the famous TENNIS Battle Of The Sexes Extravaganza.

Displayed below are two photos of this Historical Ping Pong – Table Tennis Event: